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Precision Technologies

Power of One-stop Solution: A Leading turnkey supplier of High Quality PCB Assembly and PCB Manufacturing with Quick turn services. We eliminate the frustration of dealing with multiple suppliers. Get quote online or Call 1-888-228-9440.


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Standard Printed Circuits Inc. Standard Printed Circuits, Inc. - high quality manufacturer of single-sided, double-sided PCBs and 4 to 8 layer MLBs. Experienced manufacturer of Microwave/RF Application PCBs @ commercial prices. Quick turn service. Easy-To-Use Online Quote Form

Precision Technologies, Inc.
        Precision Technologies, A leading supplier of High Quality Quick turn PCB Assembly and PCB manufacturing. The Power of One-Stop Solution and beyond.

Fast Circuits Inc.
        Fast Circuits is a quick turn PCB manufacturer located in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. They provide a line of PCB fabrication products and services, allowing for quick-turn prototypes and large order printed circuit boards.

Custom Circuit Boards
        Custom Circuit Boards has more than 150 years of combined PCB Manufacturing experience and expertise. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, we specialize in multilayer quick turn PCB prototyping and have customers from around the world. Skip the middle man and call us today for a fast, secure, and affordable quote at 888.906.6331 (Submit your Gerber files here: online PCB quote).

Foundation Technology
        Foundation Technology provides a contract electronics manufacturing service to the electronics industry, specializing in lead free PCB assembly,  PCB testing and box build assembly.

R&D Circuits
        R&D Circuits is a world class prototype PCB manufacturer with a major presence in the ATE Semiconductor market, the Military Defense/DOD market and the Medical Device Manufacturing market. In business for over 30 years, they specialize in Micro-via, H.D.I. rigid technology, Rigid-Flex, High Frequency, Hybrid, RF boards sequential lamination, build up and high layer counts. High quality quick turns 1-10 days relative to the technology are always available.
Website: for more info or for quotation e-mail

Circuit Logic, Inc.
        Captive House. On Spec, on Time, on Budget. ISO 9002 AND U.L APPROVED. Specialty is quick turn for single sided, double sided to 14 layers. 1-day, 2- day, 3-day turns, and standard lead-time for Prototype or Medium Production runs. Visit our Website at for on line quotations.

Fineline Circuits Inc.
        Total in-house capabilities for Multilayers/Double/Single pcb's. U.L. approved. Specialty is quick turn prototypes and medium production orders. Visit us at for our capabilites, on-line quotation and on-line order entry.

China PCB Manufacturer
        ChinaPCBOne is a professional pcb manufacturer, specializing in quick turn pcb prototypes, aluminum pcbs,
rigid-flex pcbs, hdi, high tg, and other advanced circuits.

Multi Circuit Boards Ltd.
Basista Leiterplatten GmbH
Basista Printed Circuit Boards
Standard PCB manufacturer
Circuit Logic Inc.
National Research Labs
Evergreen PCB Factory LTD

First Choice Assembly
PCB manufacturer and assembler based in the West midlands region of the UK, specialising in the supply of single sided, double sided, multi layer, lead free and prototype printed circuit boards.

UK Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer
Clarydon Electronic Services Limited provide PCB fabrication, Assembly and associated PCB Services including Multi layer (up to 24 layer), Double Sided and Single Sided PCBs.

Alberta Printed Circuits
Advanced Interconnection Technology
Basista Leiterplatten GmbH
Basista Printed Circuit Boards
BEC Mfg.
Bureau Electronics Group
Canadian Circuits Inc.
Champion Circuits
Circuit Images
Circuit Link
Circuit Graphics Ltd.
Circuit Logic Inc.
Circuit Works
Cosmotronic Company Corp.
Custom Circuit Boards
Data Circuit Systems
Delron Elektronik A.S.-Turkey
Details, Inc.
Eastern Mfg. Corp.
ECD, Inc.
Eddy Electronics Mfg. Ltd.-Canada
Ericsson Telecom-Sweden
Fineline Circuits Inc.
Foundation Technology
Galaxy Electronics, Inc.
General Technology Corp.
Graphic Electronics
Holaday Circuits Inc.
Hunter Tchnlgy Corp-Twin Industries
Kam Circuits
Midwest Printed Circuit Services
Milplex Circuits Inc.
Minnitron Ltd.-UK
Multi Circuit Boards Ltd.
Multilayer Prototypes, Inc.
Multi-Plate Circuits
Murrietta Circuits
North Texas Circuit Board Co.
Nutronic Circuit Company
Omni Graphics Ltd.
Pacific West Circuits
Precision Technologies, Inc.
Praegitzer Industries
Precision Circuits,Inc.
Printed Circuits, Inc.
Printed Circuits of America
Protoprint bv-Netherlands
R&D Circuits
RJR Circuits, Inc.
Salco Circuits
San Francisco Circuits, Inc.
Speedy Circuits
South Bay Circuits
South Coast Circuits
Standard Printed Circuits
Standard PCB manufacturer
Teknicircuits, Inc.
T.R.C. Circuits
Ultrafine Circuits, Ltd. - Hong Kong
United Electronics Corp.
Vector Electronics
Victory Circuit Co. Ltd.
Waytec Electronics Corp
Winonics Inc.

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