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The Resistor Guide
The resistor guide will guide you in the world of resistors. This site is designed as an educational reference, serving as a reliable source for all information related to resistors.

Electronic Component Datsheets

Semiconductor Links

Semiconductors HQ
Everything Semiconductors, from Abb Semiconductors to Zetex Semiconductors.

Technical Data Systems
- Database for technical information on electronic components such as discrete semiconductors, Integrated Circuits, Memories and devices for optoelectronics. The database contains data sheets for more than 70,000 circuit references.

Pressure Switch, Rotary Switch, & Micro Switch Information
- Switches - Machine Design offers engineers information they need for all types of switches.

Electric Motors, Stepper Motors, AC Motors & DC Motors
Machine Design provides engineers detailed information they need for electric motors, AC motors, DC motors, servo motors and stepper motors.

Ball Bearings, Linear Bearings, and Bearing Resources
Ball Bearings - Machine Design offers engineers detailed information they need for all types of Bearings.

Capovani Brothers Inc.
CEBus Industry Council
Ceramics, Ferrites, Glasses and Superconductors
The Cornell Nanofabrication Facility
Echelon / LON Works
Electronics Engineers Toolbox
Hardware Web
IEEE-CS Technical Committee on Real-Time Systems
IC Master Reference
IEEE 1394 (Fire Wire) Trade Association
Infrastructure Semiconductor Index
Polymers, Molecular Electronics and Wide Bandgap Materials
Projects related to III-V Materials
Projects Related to Silicon, Silicon-germanium, Silicides, Metallisation and Metals
SEMI On-line...Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International
Semiconductor Links
Semiconductor Research
Silicon and Silicon-germanium ICs and Devices
The Center for Compound Semiconductor Microelectronics
The Centre for Electronic Materials
The Semiconductor Subway
University Microfabrication Laboratory Network
Wholesale Electronics Inc. - links to electronic directory resources and information websites.

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